Comparing The Different Kinds Of HGH Supplements On The Market:

If you’re looking for the HGH supplements, it's worth mentioning how the different solutions work in order for you to avoid being disappointed, scammed, or unintentionally making an illegal purchase!

There are four available ways you obtain the HGH supplements.

Here are some details about each of these four options:

#1: Synthetic HGH injections Synthetic HGH injections

Available only through the prescription system, which includes only qualified physicians, these injections can be very expensive from $10,000 to $30,000+ per year.

Although, the studies present them to be very efficient when it comes to the reversing of the physical deterioration associated with aging, including the reduced levels of HGH, the cost associated with this therapy make them to be hardly affordable for the average person.

In addition, the injections can be extremely painful. Not to mention that you are required to contact a qualified physician who is willing to give you the injections properly. This means more traveling costs and waste of time.

There's a potential risk of overdosing with synthetic HGH injections, including problems such as headaches, fluid retentions, insulin resistance, and gynecomastia (i.e. Man breasts).

There's also a potential danger that long-term usage can be associated with a hormone imbalance!

It’s worth mentioning...

The ONLY safe and legal option for you to obtain the synthetic HGH injections includes a valid doctor's prescription!

(i.e. Beware of websites, which advertise the HGH injections or other similar supplements including the "real" HGH!)

#2: HGH Releasersgenfx ws Synthetic HGH injections

GenFX™ is also known as the "HGH Releaser."

This is a dietary supplement, for which you don’t need a prescription. It has been formulated according to the findings of the numerous HGH medical researches. Its purpose is to stimulate your body for releasing more of its own HGH.

It provides the average person with an option to enjoy the anti-aging benefits of HGH with no huge costs, health risks, or troubles associated with synthetic injections!

No need to visit a doctor... No need to overpay…No pain…No overdose risk.

The trouble for any consumer is to find an HGH Releaser, which can be both, safe and effective – according to the requirements of the cGMP certified facilities.

GenFX™ proudly announces a ten-year track record of quality product supported by testimonials from satisfied clients!

#3: Homeopathic HGH

As a consumer, you need to be aware of claims associated with this form of supplementation.

This is one of the most controversial types of HGH supplementation – which is still treated as not being enough proven by some medical professionals.

To this very day, only one study has been conducted (by the National Institute of Health) in relation to the homeopathic HGH; which is simply not enough to provide an evidence about its safety and effectiveness.

It includes taking very small doses of synthetic HGH 2-3 on a daily basis, in order to stimulate your immune and endocrine system to produce more HGH on its own.

#4: Injections of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone hormons

While this treatment seems intriguing, it's still considered as new and unproven. In addition, you need to get injections from a doctor.

As you inject the GHRH the release of HGH in your brain is being stimulated. A Baltimore study has shown that twice a day injections of GHRH restore the levels of HGH and IGF-1 levels for older men to a level of people who are three decades younger.


An HGH Releaser like GenFX™ is at the moment the only reliable alternative for all people who can't afford to pay for the synthetic injections.

It's also far less risky compared to injections. Because you're not injecting a foreign source of HGH into your system, and there's no risk associated with overdosing.

It's a 100% natural, safe, convenient, and reliable solution for increasing your HGH levels.

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